Venus Versus Virus episode 5 – dropped

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At first this anime showed some pretty good points – interesting friends/love relationship, yuri possibilities and good action scenes – but it all quickly went down the drain.
I can’t help but compare it to the first arc of Bleach (before the trip to Soul Society), and
VVV loses by a landslide in all the important aspects – humour, character relationship, mysteries and fights. How the hell am I supposed to care for Sumire’s mind controlled friend if her previous screen time totals the whole five seconds? Attack on her “love interest” is the same kind – I don’t have the least bit of sympathy for him or her crisis, I just don’t know anything about him. Too much of previous episodes was wasted on 3rd rate fighting, and the main plot is simply boring. Not to mention serious plot inconsistencies that were in the third episode – like Lucia not seeing from the start that their customer was already dead and controlled by a virus.

Ultra Maniac

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What to say about this manga?

First volume was a real blast.
Second one was OK.
And I couldn’t finish the third one. Continue Reading Ultra Maniac…

Castlevania – Aria of Sorrow

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Old-fashioned platformer game that runs on VisualBoyAdvance emulator.

Good points of such  games are pretty obvious and there’s no need to mention them.

One of the most interesting things is that the emulator provides two abilities that greatly change the whole gameplay:

1) save/restore at any time – greatly reduces game difficulty

2)  increase game speed x5 while holding spacebar – allows to quickly skip
through all those irritating sequences that you definitely
don’t want to see for the hundredth time.
Continue Reading Castlevania – Aria of Sorrow…

Ergo Proxy, mid-way

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Postapocalyptic future. An utopian city is attacked by two disasters: a Cognito virus that infects servant androids and brings them emotions and free will, and a monster, Proxy.

A female investigator Real Meyer is chasing an immigrant, Vincent Law, that has some connection to it. Soon they are out in the wasteland and travel together in search of some answers from Vincent’s past.

I kinda like this show, with it’s dark, gloomy atmosphere and Equlibrium-like society. It has some interesting character development and symbolic visualisation(like how first Vinsent tries to be an ideal citizen and is always shown with almost closed eye lids, but he opens them wide during his exile); infected chibi android Pino is very cute.

What I absolutely hate of this show is its OP and ED. Hearing it once was enough – it completely puts you into the wrong mood. Please, don’t use low-level english pop songs as your music!

Tenamonya Voyagers

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This OVA leaves a very contradictory impression.
While it has some obviously weak points, it can also be entertaining in the right conditions.
Continue Reading Tenamonya Voyagers…

The dawn of Eyeshield 21

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After quite a long period of slowly dragging this project, Saizen released episode 58 of Eyeshield 21.

And I must say it was quite a painful watch. Continue Reading The dawn of Eyeshield 21…

My first post – School Rumble

January 1, 2007 at 12:31 am | Posted in anime, review, school rumble | Leave a comment

A little more than a year ago I’ve tried watching School Rumble, but after seeing a couple episodes of the first season, I’ve discarded it.

It had quite a good rating on anidb, so then the second season came out, I also gave it a try – and it failed far worse.

Now, after a lot of time has passed, I made one last attempt at it – and I found this anime quite good and entertaining. But why did I not enjoy it before?

The reason is simple. Sukuran is a character driven show, and unless you know and like its heroes, most of the jokes would seem stupid and uninteresting.
In the beginning, the main characters – Tenma and Haruma – did some incredibly dumb things, and since I didn’t know their good sides yet, I didn’t like them.
This time I managed to stomach five or six episodes – and they began to grow on me, no longer being just some idiotic duo. Each following episode only added more to the dimensions of the cast, creating a rich and interesting universe that I enjoy right now.

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