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Korean manhwa.
Anuki lost his memory and was found in the middle of a sea. Trying to find his past he joins a mercenary school and becomes an ace pilot, but overdoing himself he gets an illness that can leave him blind. Besides that, several sides of war are present: an aircraft inventer whose sister and mother are hostages in the hands of two opposing countries; princess that becomes a marionette queen and his father, the military commander that threw his son away to save her; their enemy leader, who recruits Anuki for his army; and the girl that saved him.
While at first the story is uninteresting, it gets good by the middle of the first volume. Unfortunately, it falls flat afterward as the author completely fails to provide any kind of character development or unpredictable plot twists. Continue Reading Anuki…

Ultra Maniac

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What to say about this manga?

First volume was a real blast.
Second one was OK.
And I couldn’t finish the third one. Continue Reading Ultra Maniac…

Evil’s Return, volume 1

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Evil spirits attack a highschool girl by possessing other students, their goal is rebirth of their master. She is protected by a student counsil president, who is also a buddhist monk. And one other student, a strong fighter, is bothered by her in his dreams, which disrupts his love life.

90% fighting
5% plot
5% love/romance

This manhwa is pretty useless and I don’t think I would give it a second look.

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