Ergo Proxy, mid-way

January 16, 2007 at 5:13 am | Posted in anime, Ergo Proxy, review | Leave a comment

Postapocalyptic future. An utopian city is attacked by two disasters: a Cognito virus that infects servant androids and brings them emotions and free will, and a monster, Proxy.

A female investigator Real Meyer is chasing an immigrant, Vincent Law, that has some connection to it. Soon they are out in the wasteland and travel together in search of some answers from Vincent’s past.

I kinda like this show, with it’s dark, gloomy atmosphere and Equlibrium-like society. It has some interesting character development and symbolic visualisation(like how first Vinsent tries to be an ideal citizen and is always shown with almost closed eye lids, but he opens them wide during his exile); infected chibi android Pino is very cute.

What I absolutely hate of this show is its OP and ED. Hearing it once was enough – it completely puts you into the wrong mood. Please, don’t use low-level english pop songs as your music!


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