Princess Resurrection – 04

May 4, 2007 at 10:47 am | Posted in anime, princess resurrection | 1 Comment

A huge drop in animation quality, lots and lots of stillshots that are very noticeable.
Huge changes throughout this week’s episode. They’ve skipped the vampire doctor chapter, and went right on with the lake vacation.
Ultimate battle gear?

  • Added the chasing-the-Hime scene. In the manga Lisa was already in the lake house
  • Hero was washing the floor while she was talking with the Hime; and afterward was dragged to a water ride with her.
  • Hime was meeting one of the merfolk, and it was he that later stumbled, wounded, prior to the attack – not Lisa’s sense of smell.
  • Hero was dragged down together with Flan, thus he was absent throughout most of the chapter, and was shown only in the end – as a drowned corpse.
  • Hime was wounded, and thus didn’t fight – it was Lisa who did the resistance.
  • After the capture, the surprised howl wasn’t for the “OK” – it was for the “So, who’ll die?” – a much more logical choice.
  • Lisa’s bathrobe fanservice is purely the anime addition.
  • Of course, the big merfolk was KIA, and weren’t in any condition to give her flowers.

I’m actually welcoming the changes as these create a different vision and thus you are less prone to compare manga and anime. Since they’ve changed a major part (blood for the energy) then they should not stop at it and must go on and completely change the plot after introducing all the characters (like Nabeshin did to Excel Saga).
Too bad the art began to seriously lack, I hoped they’d have some more resources.

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  1. I want the book the muvie to

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