Sumomomo Momomo 13-14

April 19, 2007 at 9:54 am | Posted in anime, impressions, Sumomomo Momomo | Leave a comment

Two of the worst fillers I’ve ever seen. Both of them are so out of place I’ve thought that they are a nightmare of Momoka’s.
First, that Kame Kamen teacher, from her looks to her actions is just ridiculous. “She studied law to marry Inuzuka”? What kind of explanation is that? It takes many, many years and a lot of talent to memorize those things, and having the same kind of work is not a good way to become somebody’s wife. On the other hand, her fighting identity is too similar to the Uma Kamen to be interesting, not to mention that her costume is far worse than the Inchou’s one – at least hers is a parody on the usual “sexy” outfits, and Kame’s one is just wierd.
Second one is even worse, with antigravity inventions thrown randomly in and mass amnesia in the class. That nobody at all remembers one of their classmates is just too unbelievable to be true. I could’ve understood if it provided any character development – but it’s just rehashing of the same old jokes.
It all makes me wonder how will it all end, they’ve strayed too far from the manga already and are nowhere near conclusion, and only eight episodes are left…

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