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Korean manhwa.
Anuki lost his memory and was found in the middle of a sea. Trying to find his past he joins a mercenary school and becomes an ace pilot, but overdoing himself he gets an illness that can leave him blind. Besides that, several sides of war are present: an aircraft inventer whose sister and mother are hostages in the hands of two opposing countries; princess that becomes a marionette queen and his father, the military commander that threw his son away to save her; their enemy leader, who recruits Anuki for his army; and the girl that saved him.
While at first the story is uninteresting, it gets good by the middle of the first volume. Unfortunately, it falls flat afterward as the author completely fails to provide any kind of character development or unpredictable plot twists.
I’ve completely lost interest after reading five volumes (out of seven), and the only reason I’d read that much is that most of the space is taken by a WWI-style air battles without much text.
I can’t recommend it to anyone except for those interested in such air combat.

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  1. i disagree, it was a manga with a really good plot and was full of passion (in a way)

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