Princess Resurrection – 1

April 13, 2007 at 9:43 pm | Posted in anime, impressions, princess resurrection | 2 Comments

From the beggining, I had very high expectations for this title – if animated decently, the manga could provide just the kind of entertainment I really enjoy – love story with lots of dark humour.
Unfortunately, all my hopes were shattered due to the changes they made to the crucial points of the story:

  • in the manga, Hiro dies due to the Hime’s carelessness, in the anime – trying to save her
  • anime is completely bloodless and has no gore at all. Manga is constantly shocking the readers with such material
  • in the manga, Hime makes Hiro drink her blood to revive him. In the anime, it’s changed to some magical energy she uses

The first point is only a minor change, but it shows Hime in a different light.
The second one is a very big miss, since the contrast between ordinary life and bloody hell that is Hiro’s new one is completely lost.
But the worst of them all is the third one – it is practically catastrophe that removed all my hopes for the anime version.
Giving blood is an act of sacrifice, of hurting oneself – and casting magic is just a whim.
Furthermore, scenes like this
Hime teasing Hiro
become completely impossible, and that completely wrecks Hime’s cruel joker character.
I haven’t yet read that far into the manga to know if it does happen or not, but one can extract the blood out of its owner without his consent – and that’s impossible with magic, so another aspect is lost.
Maybe all these things are due to the fact that it is TV rather than an OVA, but the changes are to drastic to really pay tribute to the manga.

Update: yes, forceful blood extraction does happen in the manga…
How the hell are they going to show us vampiric Hiro?


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  1. how old is hiro meant to be please tell me i really wanna know. he’s small?

  2. blood?? not immortal falme?

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