Moonlight Mile 1

February 5, 2007 at 6:49 pm | Posted in anime, impressions, Moonlight Mile | 1 Comment

This anime hits the same vibes as Coyote Ragtime Show, although it lacks the 12 sisters fanservice. I’d bet it’s the same animation studio and at least half the stuff and cast is the same.
Plot summary: on the moon, some kind of moonbase is destroyed, and the lone survivor has to run 105 kilometers to be rescued. Her air supply is limited, and just as she runs out she stumbles upon a mecha unit. Unfortunately, it is not friendly. A huge ship lands and their commander walks out. And it’s not a happy end.

On the earth, two friends are mountaineering, climbing the Everest. Near the top they find some dead victims of recent avalanche and manage to save a single sick woman.

It seems she was with her husband on a honeymoon, and now he is dead. The weather gets worse and they hide in a cave. Soon the Snow Princess follows her beloved, and the friends finish their climb. Now they’ve conquered everything the Earth has to offer, and they want to go higher.
Back home, it seems that one of them, Saruwatari Goro, is a skyscrapers builder and the other a pilot.

A woman is shown looking at the Goro’s data and wondering why was he choosen as some kind of space candidate.

I think this is going to turn out exactly like Coyote’s Show, a lot of seinen romantics and simple philosophy plus some cool action.


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  1. Wow …. I was really really hoping for a second PlanetES.

    A Preview is out which doesn’t indicate it to be anything like Coyote, which I found disappointly puerile …. this allegly is both grownup & realistic axxording to the preview.

    Anyway – tks for the blog – off to watch the RAW Ep1 all there is so far outside Japan.

    Nico M

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