Code Geass 16

February 2, 2007 at 1:22 am | Posted in anime, Code Geass, impressions | 9 Comments

Ugh, Mao,  why didn’t he die? Not good, creators-tachi, ordinary people tend to die after catching dozens of bullets with their body!
Lloyd was great: “why waste the time, let’s get to the marriage part!”.
Surprise, Milly, surprise! That's your future husband!
Poor Rivalz, although as an Eleven he had no chance from the start.
Overall, the episode lacked in the story and action, and made some foundation for future developement.
Let’s hope that since the Mao arc is over we will get something good and interesting in the next episode.



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  1. uhh. where do you get this episode?…

  2. I’m watching the raws.

  3. Rivalz is not an eleven he just isn’t from a high enough class to be deemed worthy of Milly.

  4. No, he is. Watch episode one, in DVD it’s around 5:51-5:55. He says “want to play against eleven next? We are different from…”

  5. Ok watched it again just now, he says something along the lines of “Jaivern” (i’ll be damned if I know what that is though).And his last name is Cardemonde.

    Admiteddly Im watching subs but I watched that part you mentioned like 5 times and I never heard him say eleven or nihon.

    And if rivalz were really an eleven dont you think that Nina would have been less scared of other elevens? And besides the school they go to is very high class and supposedly only high caste brittanian families go or in the case of Suzaku by order of the royalty.

  6. He’s saying “Jya, Eleven to yatte miru kara? Orera Britannia-jin to chigatte…”. gg and shinsens were speedsubbing and thus butchered the phrase as gibberish. Same kind of mistranslations can be seen several times throughout the episode – like problems with the general Padre’s name.

  7. Seen it again but cant really hear eleven correctly, but then again you are decidedly more hardcore than me so I will trust you on this.

    But then why isn’t Nina afraid of Rival? she is racist as hell. And if there are other eleven in the school why did Kallen go to such great lenghts to hide her half japanese origin.

  8. I’d say she’s just traumatized and not racist.

  9. i bet you guys collect action figures.

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