Code Geass 15

January 26, 2007 at 9:51 am | Posted in anime, Code Geass, impressions | Leave a comment

First of all, nice finishing touch on Shirley/Lulu relationship from the earlier episode. Perhaps not everything is lost about this love pairing. BTW, Milley obviously wants some help or advice from Lelouch on stopping her marriage interview.
Second, Violetta. Although there’s a rucus about it, I don’t think some flashing tits mean anything much. Well, besides the fact that Ougi is surprisingly shy. Now that nothing stops her, she also has a chance to join Lulu’s harem, or at least the KnKD. It might also be the reason for Diethard’s future downfall.
Third, Suzaku and the scientist duo. A little more of their story revealed, and it might become surprisingly interesting later on.
Toudou and his two lieutenants are also alive, but their capture looks imminent.
And at last Mao and C.C. He quickly exits the scene with numerous bullet wounds, unless he is of the same species as C.C. we won’t be seeing anymore of him; she – gets closer and closer to Lulu, perhaps not as a lover but as a very reliable partner.

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