Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora, episode 1

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This show is an impressive, really impressive mix.
Can’t say it’s really good, but I’ll definitely keep watching it for a couple more episodes.

At first, we see a “Prince on a white horse” treasured memory of the main heroine, Shiratori Ku, depicted in the typical hyper-beautiful shojo manner.
The memorable dream
Next, a certain Suzumia Haruhi look-alike (and very similar sounding seiyu) makes appearance – Kozue, her best friend.
A new transfer student, Kyoushirou – seems very much like her “dream prince” – comes. Every girl in class makes an exaggerated “Wow! How Lovely!”
Altered dream
Later, we are shown a scene practically out of La Corda D’Oro ~Primo Passo~ – he is performing a small concert to a flock of awed school girls.
How marvellous!
Suddenly, all the spectators come apart to let him approach our heroine.
why, why did you stop?
Oh, what a romantic scene!
confession? proposal?
Well, it could’ve been…
Oh, his hand is on my shoulders...
…if he didn’t rip her shirt, exposing her bra. Rape attempt?
rape attempt?

“all boys are monkeys” – Tenma-chan (school rumble)

Poor Shiratori runs away.

That evening, she catches Kyoshirou with another girl in his hands.
While walking away, she stumbles upon a cat-girl vampire attacking Kozue.
Mecha-summoning cat-girl vampire.
Kyoushirou and his new girlfriend bring out theirs mecha, and a lot of fighting ensures.
And finally, Shiratori gets the coup de grĂ¢ce.
Finish her!

Impressive, isn’t it?
What to think of this show I’ll probably decide after watching some more of it.

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