Saint October, episode 1

January 6, 2007 at 12:40 am | Posted in anime, impressions, Saint October | Leave a comment

First impressions of a new winter show.

A bad magician is flying away dracula-style with a kidnapped boy in his hands.
He is chased by a nekomimi-wearing loli Kotono on a mix of a witch’s broom and da Vinci’s flying machine.
magician and his prey
wierd machine
She catches on, and he uses his rod to summon a shining sphere around Kotono’s head, trapping her in a nightmare vision of her missing parents. Moments later she breaks the spell, blows the rod away with a slingshot and grabs the boy out of the kidnapper’s hands.
shattered dream

broken sphere

Magician rushes for his weapon, but the boy places a hand on Kotomi’s head and she transforms into a sword-wielding justice fighter Kuro-loli, promptly taking care of her opponent.
I crown thee, my knight!

transformation sequence

Kuro-loli, sanjo!

That about sums up what one can find in this show. I am getting a real strong Yume Tsukai vibes from it – loli’s, mystic magic, transformations, lost memories. Future episodes will show how strong the story is, but it definitely has potential.

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