Tenamonya Voyagers

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This OVA leaves a very contradictory impression.
While it has some obviously weak points, it can also be entertaining in the right conditions.

A newbye teacher is left stranded on the brinks of the universe
after her school goes bankrupt
How much is this call?
together with a sports scholarship student
baseball freak
They are joined by a highschooler mecha pilot Paraila
Drink up!
who is also a big criminal boss-on-the-run.

Add an underling of Paraila’s
Bring me 'It'

and a stereotypical cop chasing them
Right out of some western
– right out of some western

and you get a possible recipe for a great gag comedy.

Or not.

The problem is, it is a Paraila’s one-girl-show. The rag-tag team has nothing holding it together except for the common goal of reaching Earth. The teacher-student duo is a comic relief and gets no developement; to Paraila they are just a nuisance and she has no use for them.

This show was cooked  badly, and not even great amounts of raw fan service can save it.
fan service 1fan service 2
fan service 3Mecha fanservice
The music is unfitting, voice actors miscast and plot pace too fast, jumping from one scene to another without much in-between developement.

The version I saw also had terrible subtitles – they failed to translate a lot of jokes and nuances, and butchered at least some names(“Space Trash Paraila” sounds like a low-class whore name, not a Crime Leader Boss).  And their habit of putting the subs over the japanese text rendering them almost unreadable is seriously pissing me off.
don't follow this example!

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