The dawn of Eyeshield 21

January 2, 2007 at 12:47 am | Posted in anime, Eyeshield 21, review | Leave a comment

After quite a long period of slowly dragging this project, Saizen released episode 58 of Eyeshield 21.

And I must say it was quite a painful watch. This anime ran out of fuel and is no longer entertaining, it’s creators repeating the main mistake of such shows:

They are concentrating on the sport/game aspects only.

It was the same for Initial D. Let’s face it – you can only power up your team or grit the teech and use the spirit so much before it becomes repetative and boring. Lost is the humour that was there in the beggining, rehashed jokes are no longer funny. All-knowing comments from the spectators are met with scorn, you physically want them all to shut up, all the emo-moments to be skipped and to finally see it all end.

The only thing that can save such shows is character relationship – but there was absolutely no character development (aside from the stereotypical “gutts magic”) for a long time.

I really wonder – should I keeping watching this? My wish to know how will it all end grows weaker with each passing episode.
The only moment in this episode that mad me smile

The  only moment in the whole episode that made me smile.

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