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Since I haven’t got the time to update this blog, It’s on a pemanent hiatus.

Princess Resurrection – 04

May 4, 2007 at 10:47 am | Posted in anime, princess resurrection | 1 Comment

A huge drop in animation quality, lots and lots of stillshots that are very noticeable.
Huge changes throughout this week’s episode. They’ve skipped the vampire doctor chapter, and went right on with the lake vacation.
Ultimate battle gear? Continue Reading Princess Resurrection – 04…

Ayatsuri Sakon – 6

April 24, 2007 at 3:24 pm | Posted in anime, Ayatsuri Sakon, impressions | Leave a comment

This is a detective story following the adventures of puppet master Sakon. It comes in the form of independent arcs, and episodes 1-6 covers two of them.
The first one is a remake of Agatha Chrisitie’s Ten Little Niggers, there prior to each murder a child’s rhyme is told and a puppet predicting the murder is shown. Actually, the killer is obvious with the explosion of the gun, as only one or two people could actually pull it through. The criminal’s plan had two big holes, the first one is him relying on the fact that he would be able to kill before anyone notices, and the second one is his accomplice helping him, which is very wierd as that one would’ve been the next possible target.
The second one is also a closed circle killing, but this time the list of suspects was a bit longer with the past events hidden. Another weak point for the criminal, as he relied on the eyewitnesses leaving the room after his diversion without checking the corpse – and that could’ve very well been not so; but since the killings weren’t pre-planned this is also acceptable. Actually, I didn’t catch that illusion at all, and thought that the killer just copied the keys aforetime, which was consistent with my idea of him being very familiar with the place.
The only common heroes of both arcs are Sakon and his talkative puppet Ukon, while some meddling from his cop aunty is also present.
Well, it’s not a great story but the plot is pretty consistent and execution is very good, a nice way to exercise your brain once in a while.

Sumomomo Momomo 13-14

April 19, 2007 at 9:54 am | Posted in anime, impressions, Sumomomo Momomo | Leave a comment

Two of the worst fillers I’ve ever seen. Both of them are so out of place I’ve thought that they are a nightmare of Momoka’s. Continue Reading Sumomomo Momomo 13-14…


April 16, 2007 at 8:50 am | Posted in impressions, manga | 1 Comment

Korean manhwa.
Anuki lost his memory and was found in the middle of a sea. Trying to find his past he joins a mercenary school and becomes an ace pilot, but overdoing himself he gets an illness that can leave him blind. Besides that, several sides of war are present: an aircraft inventer whose sister and mother are hostages in the hands of two opposing countries; princess that becomes a marionette queen and his father, the military commander that threw his son away to save her; their enemy leader, who recruits Anuki for his army; and the girl that saved him.
While at first the story is uninteresting, it gets good by the middle of the first volume. Unfortunately, it falls flat afterward as the author completely fails to provide any kind of character development or unpredictable plot twists. Continue Reading Anuki…

Princess Resurrection – 1

April 13, 2007 at 9:43 pm | Posted in anime, impressions, princess resurrection | 2 Comments

From the beggining, I had very high expectations for this title – if animated decently, the manga could provide just the kind of entertainment I really enjoy – love story with lots of dark humour. Continue Reading Princess Resurrection – 1…

Hunter x Hunter – 47

March 21, 2007 at 5:46 am | Posted in anime, Hunter x Hunter | Leave a comment

Fighting ended for now and the story got back on track.

The way they depict the past, I feel that Gon’s mother was never there. We see no pictures of her, the way Mito is speaking of Jin is like she’s speaking of her past love. What’s worse is that they are remembering the time Jin and Mito were together and not the time Jin was with Gon’s mother.
I’m quite sure that Mito is the real one.

Now, why did they lie to Gon?

Hunter x Hunter – 42

March 20, 2007 at 7:13 pm | Posted in anime, Hunter x Hunter, impressions | Leave a comment

First episodes were great – sea, travelling, traps, treasures, mysterious animals and beasts, unusual plot twists.
Now, there did all that potential go?
Why such anime so quickly deteriorates into a stupid “one on one duel” fighting genre?
Right now I see typical Dragon Ball situation – Gon and Killua are learning super moves and becoming even more of a cheaters they were before.
To anyone that wants to watch this – stop right after the final Hunters Exam, you will spend some great time and won’t witness its downfall.

Tokimeki Tonight – 26

February 17, 2007 at 12:54 pm | Posted in anime, impressions, Tokimeki Tonight | 1 Comment

Hmm, after watching most of this anime I must say I like it even more.
Though it seriously lacks in the animation and plot complexity, it doesn’t fail to amuze and entertain me with innovative ideas, in those areas it wouldn’t lose to it’s far more famous rivals like Ranma 1/2. Hell, this is the first anime I’ve ever seen that parodied it’s own ending!

Dancouga Nova – 1

February 16, 2007 at 2:18 pm | Posted in anime, Dancouga Nova, impressions | Leave a comment

This anime belongs to the genre I thought extinct – the Giant Robo in it’s original form.
“Realistic” is an alien concept in said genre, and DN proves it from the earliest moments – hundreds of automated weapons wait for a grotesque invader mecha to destroy them all in a massive energetic attack whipped out of nowhere, without even making an attempt at shooting; two regular policemen barge in and attempt to arrest like ~20 mafia members, without surrounding the place before that; “pilot candidates” after getting kidnapped immediately know how to pilot their mecha and defeat the enemy with a perfect teamwork (and they’ve just met for the first time. If it’s THAT simple – why bother with those particular girls/guys?)
The only thing I actually liked is the OP song.
No way am I seeing more than one more episode of this.

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